Musicality, Technology and Play. A free webinar with Dr Ben Schögler

This Thursday Ablenet University is hosting a special Webinar all about Skoog!

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(Thursday 17th November 6pm GMT / 12pm CST, Hosted by Ablenet University)

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This webinar will look at the role of music in development and communication, and how technology can be truly ‘assistive’ in supporting music activities with a particular focus on the Skoog platform.

Whether we are running for a bus, laughing with friends, talking or sharing a game of peekaboo with a child, our natural musicality pervades every aspect of our physical lives and provides the neural substrate of motivated psychological time that is the very basis for communication both verbal and non. Engaging in musical play can be thought of as a ‘soft play area’ (kindergarten play park) for exploring communicative skills, with rhythm providing the various apparatus/structure on which to play, the textures, colours and games come from melody, harmony, timbre and the myriad of sonic possibilities music affords. Adults, peers and caregivers act as the kindergarten teacher, guiding us to area’s suited to our abilities and holding our hand when we wish to climb higher or jump further, keeping us safe and helping us grow in confidence.


Musical activities are an integral part of developing communication and need to play a role in the development of all students. Skoog has been created to enable students with accessibility needs to access the world of music and creativity through play, supporting the development of their natural musicality.

“Music is a language we all understand” (Sir Duke, Stevie Wonder, 1976)

(All attendees get 10% off purchases with Ablenet –

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