Skoog at Music & Drama Education Expo

Last week some of the Skoog team explored the floor at the Music & Drama Education Expo in London to see what great music educational tools are currently available!

Just in case you don’t know, the Music & Drama Education Expo is Europe’s largest conference and exhibition for anyone involved in music & drama education, with many exhibitors, workshops and seminars.

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The day gave us an excellent snapshot of new educational approaches, current trends in technology, & the continued progress into accessible music making.

Our Games Developer Kirsty even got involved in an African drumming workshop!


It was great to see such playful approaches to classroom teaching as well as the gamification of classical instrumental education! Here are a few of the highlights:


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Playnote has taken the traditional music curriculum of ABRSM & developed interactive apps for it! Their apps help music teachers boost and monitor their students’ music learning and assists students’ self-learning. Check their products out here!


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The African Music School project (AMS) workshop ‘African Drumming the African Way’ was brilliant, teaching us that traditional learning in Africa is done purely through imitation and repetition, and not to over-intellectualise anything – something we believe strongly in! Head over to their website to read more about what they’re doing.


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pBuzz was another company who attracted us not only because of their bright colours, but because of their love of simple melodies! A combination of several instruments, the pBuzz is great for all ages! To explore more about pBuzz, check out their website.


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While there, we got to have a play around with Ableton Push, Ableton’s latest product! It’s dynamic, attractive, and makes it simple for one person to create a world of sound!


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Phil Heeley’s Inclusive Music has come out with some amazing teaching with technology resources, with specific courses on using iPads & GarageBand in education! Head here to see everything they are offering!


The Improvise Approach
Are you a teacher, musician, or someone who simply likes to improvise? If yes, then you should download The Improvise Approach by Carrie Lennard to learn how to enable people with a range of disabilities create melodies on their iPads in a free and spontaneous way – there are no wrong notes! Read more about The Improvise Approach on their website. Not only is this a fantastic resource, you can also use your Skoog 2.0 to play along – find out how to use Skoog 2.0 as a controller here!