Win big at MMM2017

Are you are attending MMM 2017 in Berlin this month?
If you are you could be in with a chance of winning your very own Skoog 2.0!

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Skoog co-creator, Ben Schögler will be talking Musicality, Accessibility and Technology – An introduction to the world of Skoog at 14:05 on Saturday the 11th of March 2017! Find out more details here.

For many people principle barriers to making music are the instruments themselves. In 2006 in partnership with NESTA a team from Edinburgh University set about creating a new kind of musical instrument. One that was designed for children, to support natural musicality in play and more specifically one that would be accessible to all children, including those with physical or learning disabilities. This was how Skoog was born.

This session will explore the science behind Skoog and the different challenges the team faced in developing a new musical instrument specifically for children with disabilities.

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 and there will be a prize daw at the final discussion forum at 17.35pm on Saturday the 11th of March to choose the lucky winner. So make sure you are there to collect your Skoog (if you win).