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Skoog to Feature in New ‘Field Trips’ at Apple stores around the world.
Starting in April, Apple stores will offer two new Field Trip sessions globally with a fun and inclusive musical instrument for iPad called a Skoog.

Last year Apple hosted over 50,000 field trips in their 485 retail stores across the world and in April 2017 Apple updated its retail Field Trip landing page to include Skoog. Apple stores will offer two new Field Trip sessions globally with the cubic musical instrument created especially for kids by the Edinburgh based startup Skoogmusic ltd. Skoog is a musical instrument anyone can play – watch the video here.

Parents and teachers or anyone interested in learning more can reach out to their local Apple Store and request a Skoog Field Trip. 
These new sessions are in addition to accessibility workshops already offered globally covering: vision, hearing, physical motor, and literacy and learning topics.
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Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 15.54.13
photographs of children intereacting with Skoog instrument

Skoog 2.0 is available to purchase online on the Apple Store and from retailers and distributors around the world. To find a distributor or retailer in your area visit our where to buy pages. To find out more about Skoog check out the links below:

Skoog User Stories

Some example of Skoog being used across different situations – in education, by a young musician with Williams Syndrome and in music therapy with autistic children:


Skoog with yellow side facing out.
Skoog - Yellow Side
Skoog - Blue Side
Skoog - Blue Side
Skoog with red side facing out.
Skoog - Red Side
Skoog with green side facing out.
Skoog - Green Side
4035 Skoog 291
photographs of children intereacting with Skoog instrument
4035 Skoog 264
photographs of children intereacting with Skoog instrument
Side view of Skoog
Skoog - Side View 1
Side view of Skoog - yellow / blue
Skoog - Side View 2
Skoog with iPad
Skoog with iPad
Skoogmusic App for iOS
Skoog App for iOS
Skoog - Suitable for a wide range of disabilities
Group of children playing Skoog
Girl & boy playing Skoog
Close up hands on Skoog



More videos, interviews and performances on Skoogmusic’s Vimeo and Youtube Channels.

Skoog in Action

The Digital Orchestra is a group of talented young musicians with disabilities who meet up at Drake Music Scotland’s studios every week to rehearse, develop their musical skills and create new music using inclusive music technologies.

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