With Skoog, you can give your children a priceless pastime that will last for many years or a passion for music to last a lifetime!

Tap it, press it or squeeze it, it’s so easy to play!

Making music is fun and accessible to everyone with Skoog. Grounded in research, Skoog is the world’s first huggable musical instrument. Inclusive and accessible, with Skoog parents, educators and budding musicians can create and control musical sounds, whatever their ability.

“Skoog makes music-making so easy and so much fun!” Andrew Richardson, Hobbes Music

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    Jam with your favourite tracks instantly! Connect to GarageBand, Spotify or your music streaming service and play along with the music you love!

    Skoog's universal design enables fun, accessible, expressive music-making for children, parents, teachers, and families.

    Learn how to code and bring music and coding to life with Skoog and Apple's, Swift Playground.

    "Skoog is an absolutely amazing piece of hardware. There are so many potentials. It’s fantastic!" Joe Moretti, Professional Musician.
  • "The response time is incredible and the range of ways you can use it with both the Skoog app and other apps like GarageBand is extraordinary." Craig Smith, ADE
  • “I love bringing music into the classroom, but the skills required are overwhelming for students. So when I discovered Skoog I was amazed!" Adam Goldberg, Music Teacher.
"A fantastic product that shows real innovation and fun alongside it’s more serious educational benefits. One of the easiest five stars we’ve given."
Brilliantly unique and easy to pick up and play
"A fun and tactile addition to any studio, classroom or home tech collection."
"Ideal for children or those unable to play normal musical instruments, the Skoog lets you make music by prodding, twisting and thwacking. It’s wipe clean, too."
I'm 100% in favor of anything that makes music-making so easy and so much fun, especially for children and anyone who may be disenfranchised from the opportunity to learn an instrument, for whatever reason. Every child should have access to a Skoog!
"intended to bring music-making to people of any ability - or disability."
Skoog has great uses with children across lots of different abilities. It is intuitive to play and intriguing to explore. The different instrument options allow children to make choices, which fit their preferences, and the additional apps such as Skratch allow children to record their own sounds. Which they love.

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