set up for iphone & ipad

  1. Find the button on the Skoog base. Press the button ONCE to wake up your Skoog (the green light will illuminate).  Press AGAIN to activate Bluetooth (the blue light will blink).
  2. Open the Skoog app and in the Bluetooth Midi Devices menu select your Skoog from the list. Once successfully paired the Skoog will appear as “Connected”.

Skoog 2.0 is compatible with iOS devices that support Bluetooth LE. You can access a full list of compatible devices in the FAQ section. Skoog 2.0 can also connect to OS X and windows via USB. To use Skoog with and IOS device (iPad, iPhone or iPod touch) you will need to download the app from the App store. To use Skoog with a Mac or PC you will need to download the Skoogmusic software. The app and software are free to download. You can access them  via the downloads section.

If you have a Skoog 1 (white with coloured buttons) you access the support section here: SKOOG 1 SUPPORT


There are 5 sides on your Skoog- red, blue, yellow, green and orange. Each side plays a different note. As well as pressing within the coloured circles, you can also squeeze Skoog anywhere on its sides, edges and corners.

Skoog works great when played with your hands but it can be played with any part of your body.


You can use your Skoog on a flat surface or on a compatible mount (here is some further info on compatible mounting options).  Either way, you will need to calibrate your Skoog to get the best out of it.

  1. Place your Skoog on a flat surface like a table or your lap, or fix it in the required playing position with your mount kit.  It’s important not to move your Skoog during the next stage of the set-up process.
  2. Now that you have got your Skoog in the preferred position, it needs to be calibrated to make sure it plays correctly.  It’s important that you do not touch or move your Skoog during calibration. When you are ready tap the ‘Calibrate’ button on the iPad screen. It will take around 5 seconds to calibrate


Use your Skoog to rock out with your favourite tunes, play Skoog with other music apps or why not try learning a song from the Skoog songbook using the Skoog’s colours.

Our extensive range of tutorial videos will show you everything you need to know when using the Skoogmusic App on iPad. Find out how to connect your Skoog, changes notes and instruments and even how use your Skoog with GarageBand and other Midi compatible Apps – plus more!

Skoog iOS App Tutorials on Vimeo
Connecting your Skoog to iPad

Getting Your Skoog Connected

The first thing you need to do is get your Skoog connected to your iPad – find out how to get connected here.

Choosing Notes & Scales on Skoog

Changing Notes and Scales

Find out you can easily change the notes and scales in the Skoogmusic App.

Choosing an Instrument on Skoog

Choosing Your Instruments

There’s a range of instruments to choose from in the Skoogmusic App – see how to change instruments here.

Adjusting the Sensitivity on Skoog

Adjusting the Sensitivity

It’s important your Skoog is set up to suit your needs – find out how to change the sensitivity of your Skoog.

Jamming with a Backing Track in the Skoog App

Jamming with Backing Tracks

Want to play along with your favourite band? See how to jam along with backing tracks on your Skoog.

Connecting to Other Apps Using MIDI in the Skoog App

Connecting to Other Apps

You can use your Skoog with lots of other Apps using MIDI – find out how you can easily to connect to them.


How to use the Skoogmusic Windows and OS X Software.

We have a range of tutorial videos for Skoogmusic MAC OS X and WINDOWS on our youtube channel.  Checkout the playlist or choose from the links below:

Skoog is widely used in education, here are a few ideas for using Skoog in the classroom.  To find out how educators are using Skoog and for inspiration on how to make the most of Skoog in the classroom why not visit our blog.

Additional Skoog Resouces