Skoog 2.0 is available online from Apple globally and in selected Apple retail stores across Europe for £199.95 (GBP) / $299.95 (USD)

The list of Apple retail stores stocking Skoog 2.0 can be found here.

Apple Education

Skoog 2.0 is also available online from the Apple Store for Education.  Available to college students, students accepted to college, parents buying for college students, faculty, homeschool teachers, and staff at all grade levels.

Skoog on the Apple store for education.


XMA’s mission is to support teachers and pupils in improving learning outcomes through the sustainable use of technology. XMA is a compliant route to procure, with presence on local and national frameworks. As an Apple Solution Expert for Education, XMA is well placed to support schools in the use of Apple technology and complimentary products like Skoog.

Other Education Retailers

Looking for a local retailer? You can buy Skoog 2.0 from one of our Dealers. This option allows you to order via purchase order, if you wish. Find your local dealer to enquire about Skoog 2.0.


Skoog 2.0 is available online from Amazon in the UK and EU for £199.95 (GBP)

Looking to Become a Reseller?

Great! If you’re interested in becoming a reseller for Skoogmusic, please get in touch with one of our distributors below.

If you are unsure which distributor to contact, please get in touch with us and we’ll be able to help.


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