7 reasons to love Skwitch – the clever new music-making gadget

Skwitch is a clever new music-making gadget and app that clips straight on to your iPhone. There are so many reasons to pick up and play with Skwitch, but here are seven of the best: 

1. Skwitch is designed for everyone

Inside us all is a musician waiting to get out. Trouble is, learning a musical instrument can be tricky. If you’ve never played before, almost everything about it seems daunting; from where to put your hands; to sheet music that seems like it was designed to make it harder for you. Not to mention the years and years of practice.

We designed Skwitch to let everyone play, explore and create music. With just a single button, it’s easy – you’ll be making music in minutes. 

2. It’s affordable 

Skwitch has been described as the most cost-effective expressive music controller ever! And it truly is. Skwitch is the only accessory designed specifically to transform your iPhone into a fully expressive, tactile musical instrument. By harnessing the power of your iPhone, Skwitch becomes a feature packed expressive music controller with a powerful audio engine, built in Bluetooth MIDI, stereo loudspeakers & high quality touchscreen display.

3. It works like magic… 

…but actually it’s science! The clever technology inside Skwitch detects every subtle movement when you press the soft, tactile button. There are no expensive electronics inside, and no batteries for you to worry about charging. Just clip it on and you will be amazed at what you can do with it.

4. A unique playing experience

There is nothing quite like this one-button music-making gadget. Skwitch responds to even the softest of touches, and the most intense and powerful of gestures. It’s truly unique. The tactile button is optimised for maximum expressive control, making it easier and more intuitive to play than any other instrument out there. 

5. It’s so much fun

Skwitch is for anyone looking to build confidence in their musical abilities; from aspiring musicians looking for a fun, portable way to get into music-making, to music technologists looking for ways to bring new life to their compositions and live sets. Skwitch makes it fun and easy for you to get started. Plus, it doesn’t require an in-depth understanding of music theory or technique.  With Skwitch you can just dive right in.

6. It’s portable

Compact, lightweight and portable, you can take Skwitch anywhere. With no electronics or batteries inside, it’s solidly built and water resistant – just drop it in your bag on the way out the door.

7. It’s packed with pro-features

Skwitch is brilliant for experienced musicians and technologists too. Powered by the Skwitch Music app, it lets you connect to other devices using Bluetooth MIDI so that you can use Skwitch as a wireless hardware controller for apps, DAWs and plugins. With separate MPE, modulation and fx control modes, it’s easy to create a fully customised hardware-software setup.

To learn more about Skwitch, head to skoogmusic.com/skwitch