Example of Assistive Music Technology in Action the Classroom

On the 2nd of June Heiko Von Roth, Head Master of Musikschule Unteres Remstal in Waiblingen, Germany, visited a school for young people with disabilities to introduce them to Skoog. To Heiko’s surprise no introduction was necessary! I was simply stunned“, says Heiko. Kids using Skoog in WaiblingenHe placed the Skoog on the table and the students got straight to it. The students have been working regularly with a music therapist exploring the possibilities of the iPad and Skoog was a natural addition to their music activities – a great example of assistive music technology in action in the classroom. 

Autistic student using Skoog for the first time
One student, who is profoundly autistic, took to the Skoog straight away.

The universal design of Skoog in combination with the accessibility of the iPad means it is easy to deploy in the classroom and it can particularly effective for engaging non-verbal students. 

One student in particular, who is profoundly autistic, moved straight towards the Skoog and just started playing.  This was the first time the tutors had seen him use two hands!

Watch a short clip from the session showing the students discovering Skoog for the first time here.

Thanks for sharing Heiko, we look forward to hearing more about the Musikschule’s adventures with Skoog!

You can find out more about the Musikschule Unteres Remstal here.