Free resources for music educators, additions to the Skoog songbook.


The team has been growing the resources available for Skoog for a few years now with input from teachers, students and Skoog impresarios.  There are all kinds of resources available so do check out our resources section:  The main reason for this post is to proudly announce the inclusion of some classics from the songwriter’s songwriter and all round goliath of American popular music- Neil Diamond.


‘By the beard of Zeus!’ I hear you cry, yes it is true you can now get your Skoog on with Neil, forever in your Blue Jeans.


You can download the pack here:

Make sure you check out the instructions PDF with useful info such as key signatures and links to play classic Diamond tracks on YouTube.

Our resources are free but to make the most of them you might want to get your hands on a Skoog or two, available from our online shop:

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Next up Kenny Loggins… Danger Zone!