Fun, Accessible Music!


We spoke to Billy & Andy’s Manchester Music School who provide accessible music workshops for young people with disabilities about how they use Skoog to get creative! Out of the many workshops they run, he explained the experience one of their students has had with Skoog 2.0!

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“Every Saturday morning we run an accessible music group called Saturday Sounds. It’s a great opportunity for young people to get creative and make music together. Anyone’s welcome and we encourage all young music lovers to attend regardless ability.

One young man in particular gets a real kick out of this group as he doesn’t have access to any other music sessions because of the nature of his severe disabilities. His lack of fine motor skills mean that he is unable to play conventional instruments so introducing him to the Skoog was a great experience for him. He is able to jam with the rest of the guys, record his own parts and really contribute to the group dynamic. Being able to change the key and the notes on the Skoog means he can play along with any song, and using the Skoog with GarageBand gives him the chance to experiment with a huge variety of instrumentation. He has become an integral part of our Saturday Sounds music group and it’s great to have his musical input when he’s jamming away on the Skoog.”

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To learn more about using Skoog 2.0 with GarageBand, and other apps check out our advanced tutorials.

If you want to get your hands on your very own Skoog 2.0, head to the Apple website!