How Skoog is being used in SEN

This month’s guest blog is from Ceri Lilly, a teacher of children with a range of needs – take it away Ceri!IMG_1136

‘My name is Ceri Lilly and I work for a very small school of 30 special needs pupils, age 3-11, in rural West Wales. Our pupils range from very profound children, working on a sensory programme, to pupils with ASD, with literacy and numeracy programmes and challenging behaviour.

Music is a curriculum area that is of interest to them all – whether listening and reacting, or learning to compose. Our music sessions are bilingual (Welsh/English) and are always very lively!  Mr Jones, (Teacher in Dosbarth Pibwr), plays in a heavy rock band… need I say more?!

We regularly use the Skoog in most music sessions. The Skoog can also used for cause and effect, enjoyment, and as a reward for good work! Alongside our talented learning support assistant, who works in 1:1 situations with each pupil, focusing on their communication needs we found the Skoog to be a great way for our more severely disabled children to communicate and feel included. As well as being great fun!

If you think Skoog would be a good addition to your classroom, find out where to buy one here!

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