Music, Autism and Technology – Free Webinar

‘Music as play’ is an essential part of development. It underpins communication and is a key part of children’s culture. Music doesn’t have to be songs or performances, it doesn’t even need to involve instruments, but it does need to involve people. Music is a fundamental part of the multisensory Smörgåsbord board that is communication. A message that Glossy maned 90’s rockers, Extreme showcased in their track ‘More Than Words’. For those with Autism technology can offer a way into this musical landscape, a ticket to ride.

Music as play

Over the last 10 to 15 years Skoogmusic has been working to help enable and support musicality and musical play for children who face barriers to ‘music ing‘* with technology.

*(this is not a typo – music making is such a clumsy combo, I’ve always felt we needed something slicker to describe being ‘in music’ but this will have to do for now)

This idea of ‘music ing.’ Or being an active participant, ‘in music’ is an approach to musical activity that has grown from working with individuals who have a range of accessibility needs. Including individuals with Autism.

Music activities

Join me for a webinar session exploring music, musical play and a practical look at how we can use technology to support different kinds of musical activities and music making opportunities.

Tips for making music with children and adults who have Autism.

Register here.

During the webinar, we will be looking at three distinct strands:

  • Exploring sound
  • Playing with and creating your own
  • How technology can be really effective in supporting and engaging those with Autism, as well as how we can create conditions for success.

Over the last 10 to 15 years technology has come such a long way. Today there are some really great resources out there that don’t need any particular musical training or experience. Which are perfect for getting started with music.

Make sure you are registered for Skoogmusic’s upcoming webinar. If anyone has any specific questions they’d like covered in the webinar please do email those in here.

Chat soon, Ben.