Nugget 2 – Islands in the Stream – Synchrony – shared goals and communication

Here the ideas develop further both in terms of theories about Rhythm but also in the impact in Mother infant research.  I kind of wish I had thought of the Kenny Rogers / Dolly reference when I wrote this – as the idea of moments of synchrony as ‘islands in the stream’ is I think rather fitting as they allude to the shared goals, and how to get there together!  Anyway Here it is once again in all it’s glory – Click the link MUSICAE SCIENTAE ARTICLE 1999

This was the Pre cursor to my PhD thesis  and many of the core ideas relating to the later theories of ‘Braided Neural Time’ created out of simple neural action units, are here in their infancy.  The work of Pöppel on the time in the mind is really interesting and I really must get back to that….  Anyway please do give it  a read.  I remember attending the conference in Liege for this – my first EUROSTAR experience and  I have always wanted to go back.

Schögler, B. W. (1999) ‘Studying Temporal Co-ordination in Jazz Duets.’ “Rhythms,

musical narrative, and the origins of human communication”. Musicae Scientiae,

Special Issue, 1999-2000, LiËge: ESCOM. pp. 75-91.MUSICAE SCIENTAE ARTICLE 1999