Nugget 3 – to sing and Dance together!

Now a chapter written with the magnificent Professor Colwyn Trevarthen, an inspiring font of knowledge and theory in Human Communicative Musicality. Colwyn was my Phd Supervisor, and is a mentor still.  This chapter brings to life many of our discussions over what seems like too many years. Once of the key additions here is the description of robin Berger’s thesis work studying the matched hand gestures of a Jazz singer.I won’t give it all away now – but this was the first time we managed to get some good hard neurological control data that showed neural correlates of expressive potential in both movement and sound!… ooh sciencey

From this, new ideas began to form that actually lead to the development of the Soulvert paradigm – or gesture condenser …watch this space, more to follow on that one. But for now enjoy the lyric penmanship of Colwyn with some Tau based musings from myself.


University of Edinburgh