One of the many reasons I love Skoog as a Music Teacher

Hello everyone!

My name is Adam Goldberg, I am a classical pianist and teach music at a school in Queens, New York. My goal is to involve every one of my students in viable ensemble music making. My learning environment presents many challenges towards achieving that goal. For some of my students, it has been very difficult to find an instrument that is accessible and holds their attention.

Until I discovered Skoog! It is very easy for even my most challenged students to play and yet provides an unlimited set of sounds and timbres via high-quality iOS music making apps, including the free Skoog app. That in and of itself is enough to draw and keep student interest and focus. But the true genius of the Skoog, from my observations seeing how my students interact with Skoog, is the very appealing tactile and sensory aspects of the instrument. It is fun to touch, hold, squeeze, or shake. Whatever way the student decides to approach and play the Skoog, it is so flexible that it responds immediately with sounds that can easily be incorporated into any of the many ensembles that I lead each semester.

The result allows students who previously were often not engaged to now be active participants in group music making. The smiles on their faces communicate very loudly and clearly to me that they understand the value, and feel the joy, of being a part of something greater than themselves. They are truly inspired!

I wanted to share something special with you. The below video features two students who previously did not engage in music making activities. Although many other instruments – acoustic, electric and tech-based – were offered, it was the Skoog, as illustrated, that provided the tactile, sensory and musical appeal to draw the students in and bring them to a place where they could participate in music making activities with the rest of the class.

Enjoy! If you would like to discover Skoog for yourself. You can!

Get your very own Skoog here!

Skoog is available online from the Apple Store and Amazon UK and Amazon US.

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