Skoog – what’s it all about and what are the benefits?

Music-making is an important part of every child’s education. The benefits are well-recognized and include improved concentration, language, sympathetic engagement and social interaction.

The Skoog brings music-making to people of any ability or disability. The Skoog enables children to experience and play musical sounds for themselves. An exciting new musical instrument designed to empower those unable to play traditional instruments, the Skoog is a soft, squeezable cube that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth. Users can touch, press, squash, squeeze or tap the Skoog with any part of the body to intuitively play a wide range of instruments.

“When she plays the Skoog, she becomes graceful, confident and at ease with herself. It’s wonderful to watch” Wendy Whyte, SEN Teacher

Accessible to students with significant physical or learning disabilities For many children the barrier to making music is the physical dexterity required to play a traditional instrument. The Skoog removes that barrier, allowing children to make use of one of their greatest gifts: imagination. Sensitive to the slightest touch yet robust enough to resist strong handling, the Skoog allows children who are severely disabled to play music in an expressive way.

“The Skoog removes the social and physical barriers that preclude people from becoming the best musician they can be.” Barrie Ellis,

Designed to be played, with or without musical training  A valuable tool for all music practitioners, the Skoog offers a range of functions and requires no technical or musical training. Customisable, flexible and simple to use, it offers not only the opportunity for learning and expressive musicianship but is also a fun and engaging ICT resource that can be used cross-curricular.

“From a teacher’s perspective, the Skoog software is intuitive yet powerfully versatile” Eric Knussen, Teacher

Revolutionise inclusive music provision with the Skoog. The Skoog is already in use in special needs and mainstream schools, music therapy and healthcare centers across the UK and further afield. The Skoog supports inclusive practice in music education and can be used to establish connections with pupils who have very severe communication difficulties.

“I really welcome the genuine opportunity the Skoogs provide us to extend our instrumental service and be fully inclusive.” Tanya McGill – Orkney Islands Council

Use Skoog wherever you need it.  The Skoog is small, light, portable, robust and wipe-clean. All Skoog packages include a site license for the Skoogmusic software, meaning you are free to use the technology across a range of locations.


– Helps develop musical expression and communication skills.

– Ideal for promoting inclusive music practice.

– Improves motor skills, coordination, and control.

– Supports sensory integration.

– An excellent resource for multi-sensory learning that can be used cross-curricular.

The Skoog has been designed to make music accessible for everyone. It is also suitable for MLD, SLD and PMLD, children with global delay, genetic conditions such as Down’s Syndrome, sensory impairments, physical/medical problems and those with autism for ages 3 and up.

Sensitive all over to touch you can even play the Skoog with any part of the body. Simply press, pinch, tap or squeeze the soft, huggable Skoog and start making your own music straight out of the box. Colorful and squeezable, the Skoog is robust and wipe clean. Suitable for all stages of the curriculum.

Skoogmusic accessible music software sets the standard for delivering inclusive music provision. This award-winning software includes a rich and flexible set of instrumental music tools that engage students in expressive communication and music making. Fully supported by a variety of free resources on our website, the Skoogmusic software brings you and your students back to the essence of music making: the pure joy of actively creating, exploring, and experiencing music. You can choose from a range of musical instrument in GarageBand, record your own samples in our free app Skoog Skratch and make music using your own voice.

How can I have a go?

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