Skoog and the Curriculum for Excellence

For those about to Skoog, we salute you! And thanks to Moira at Braidburn School here are some examples of the type of learning outcomes one can access/achieve with the Skoog –

Curriculum for  Excellence outcomes and experience for Skoog projects:

EXA 317T Generic EXA301B  – I have used technology skills and resources to compose record and produce music and to enhance performance.

EXA 214Q Generic EXA201A – Working on my own and with others I have had the freedom to use my voice, musical instruments and musical technology experimenting with sounds pitch melody rhythm timbre and dynamics.

EXA113Q Generic EXA101A  – I have enjoyed using my voice musical instruments and music technology with growing confidence to discover and play sound rhythm pitch and dynamics.

I would also add:

EXA 0-17a EXA 1-17a EXA 2-17a EXA 4-17b EXA 3-17a