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Skwitch - the one-button music-making gadget & app

Skwitch is a clever new music-making gadget & app from the hardworking folks at Skoogmusic.  It clips straight on to your iPhone and uses the onboard sensors to create a one-button musical instrument that is responsive, expressive and amazingly versatile. Just press the button to play notes. It’s that easy. 


With Skwitch and the Skwitch Music app you can:

PLAY ready-made songs, one note at a time, just by pressing the Skwitch.  You set the tempo and how each note sounds – the app takes care of the rest.  Start slow and build up the pace when you are ready.

EXPLORE music in a new way. Learn by playing with sound, expression and timing. Discover your own musicality and build confidence in your own musical abilities.

CREATE your own riffs and grooves using our simple note editor.  Just pick a key, add some notes, then drag up or down to form your riff, and get ready to rock out like a pro.


Skwitch is for anyone looking to build confidence in their musical abilities; from aspiring musicians looking for a fun, portable way to get into music-making, to music technologists looking for ways to bring new life to their compositions and live sets. Skwitch makes it fun and easy to get started and doesn’t require an in-depth understanding of music theory or technique.  With Skwitch you can just dive right in.  

The most cost effective Music controller ever

Skwitch is the only accessory designed specifically to transform your iPhone into a fully expressive, tactile musical instrument.  By harnessing the power of your iPhone, Skwitch becomes a feature packed expressive music controller with a powerful audio engine, built in Bluetooth MIDI, stereo loudspeakers & high quality touchscreen display.

Unique Tactile Interface
Skwitch looks different. With 20mm of squeezable depth, it feels different too. The tactile button is optimised for maximum expressive control, making it easier and more intuitive to play than any other instrument out there.
Skwitch is completely passive. It works with sensors inside your iPhone to detect every subtle movement of its’ soft, tactile button. There are no expensive electronics inside, and no batteries for you to worry about charging. Just clip it on and you’ll be amazed at what you can do with it.
Works like magic (but actually it's science)
Using patented magnetic sensing technology it’ll turn the slightest touch on the button into expressive musical sound. Vary your sound by blending filters and effects, or pitch-bending between notes and chords.
Pocket-sized and lightweight, you can take Skwitch anywhere. With no electronics or batteries inside, it’s solidly built and water resistant – just drop it in your bag on the way out the door.

The Skwitch Music app was designed to seamlessly integrate the Skwitch with the technology built into your iPhone. The app interacts perfectly with Skwitch, and has in-app guides and videos to help you with everything from getting started to making wireless connections with Bluetooth MIDI.

Our app makes music-making easy

Skwitch is powered by the Skwitch Music app. It’s where you pick how and what you want to play.  Choose songs, create riffs, set up your button, or get creative with other apps and devices. Whatever you choose, our app makes it easy and fun!

Choose a song

Pick a song from our collection of starter riffs and songs - you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll by jamming away. Want to know how "Happy Birthday" sounds in a minor key? Try it. Want play with friends? Choose a multi-part song and pick a part each - melody, harmony or bass.

Build your own riffs

With our simple note editor you can build brand new riffs, chords sequences and arpeggios from scratch, in seconds. It'll always keep you in tune, so just add a few notes to start creating. It's like a musical scratchpad and it's brilliant for exploring new ideas.

Choose how to play

Use as a single pressure sensitive button or subdivide into up to four playable areas. You can customise each area to play notes or chords, add pressure sensitive arpeggiation, and you can even choose to play your riffs forward, backward or in random order.

GET CREATIVE: Unlock your creative potential by connecting to other apps and devices. Expand your sound library, control synths, modulate effects or record your performances in compatible apps running on your Bluetooth MIDI enabled iPad or Mac.


SELF-PACED LEARNING:  Fun, interactive guides and tutorials in the Skwitch Music app cover everything from connecting your Skwitch to riff editing and advanced topics like working with Bluetooth MIDI and MPE.  We’re confident you’ll pick up the basics just by playing so just move at your own pace and dip into the tutorials when you are ready to try something new.

Packed with pro-features

Skwitch is for everyone, including experienced musicians and technologists. It’s a versatile MIDI controller that is arguably the most compact and inexpensive way to add tactile expressive control to your portable music making workflow.

The Skwitch Music app lets you connect to other devices using Bluetooth MIDI so that you can use Skwitch as a wireless hardware controller for apps, DAWs and plugins. With separate MPE, modulation and fx control modes, it’s easy to create a fully customised hardware-software setup.

With note by note playback and simple sequence editing you can use Skwitch as a real-time  step-sequencer, where you control the timing, duration and expression of every note or chord. Turn on the arpeggiator to play automated note sequences with pressure-mapped rate and expression.

Connect to your your favourite DAW or plugin on iPad or Mac and use Skwitch side by side with any standard keyboard controller.  Add modulation, pitch-bend and channel pressure to your performances, or use as a multi-channel mappable controller for total flexibility.

Skwitch turns your iPhone into a highly responsive MPE controller. The soft, squeezable button gives you full expressive control of attack, channel pressure, timbre and release. Use with multiple playing areas to add pitch-bend between notes and chords by changing how you squeeze the button.


Use the Skwitch Music app like a musical scratchpad. Just add and drag notes around till you create something you like then roll with it. It’s great for sparking and capturing ideas when you are out and about, and it’s a quick and brilliantly easy way to lay down bass lines or expressive melodies in your DAW. 

Skwitch Specifications

What's Included?

Includes: Skwitch, Skwitch Music app, Getting started guide

App Compatibility: iOS 12.0 and newer

Device Compatibility: iPhone 6S and newer

Additional software for iOS Switch Control users:  Skwitch Access app

Additional lessons for Swift Playground coders: Skwitch, Droids and Drones

Skwitch is the brand new musical instrument from Skoogmusic. But we think it’s so much more. Think of it as Skoog’s compact, nimble little brother. Or sister. And it clips straight on to your iPhone, so within minutes you have a piece of accessible tech that you can use to create music, learn coding and more.

It’s a bit like magic, but better.


Skwitch lets you make music from the palm of your hand – from anywhere. So when you feel inspired to create, you can. It works as an easy to use musical instrument or advanced MPE/MIDI device, and you don’t need any training. It’s easy to compose your own riffs, melodies and chord progressions. Just press the Skwitch in different places, and you can step forward and backward through your favorite melodies, expressively shaping the sound as you squeeze.


The unique design features of Skwitch mean it can be used by everyone – including people with disabilities. It’s all about how your creativity can connect with technology and make something inspiring and amazing. And when you download ‘Switch Access’ it will turn your iPhone into an accessibility switch, which you can use with Switch Control. In short, we believe that Skwitch is the most inclusive gadget out there. 


With Skwitch you can code and make music without any musical knowledge or abilities. It’s easy. Just take Skwitch out the box, slot it on to your iPhone and you’re up and running. Within minutes you’ll be programming your own musical instruments that respond to your touches on Skwitch.  You can even learn to control droids and drones – all at the touch of a button. 

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