Starting a narrative – the psychology behind the Skoog…

There have been so many people and disciplines involved in inspiring, creating and supporting  our work at Skoog. And we are often asked about the journey that lead us to where we are now. I have decided to start a trail of Academic ‘Nuggets’ from my own perspective that illustrate some of the psychology and research that has informed our journey to date.

Much of this will be from the psychological perspective but I will endeavour to press David for some insightful ‘nuggets’ on the physical modelling side.  These posts will also act as a bit of an academic repository for me, as many of my writings now languish in  books a top the shelves of rather curious academics, who I don’t think get out as much as they possibly should to share such thoughts with the world. So I think here is a good place to re introduce these thoughts to the world.  If there are problems copyright wise and   I have to un-share some, well I will cross that bridge when I come to it.


So time to start I guess…. At the beginning with my first musings on music – development and music therapy.  I am rather looking forward to this…We will log the posts as Nuggets by number – so number 1 to follow “Music as a tool in communications research” – Nordic Journal of Music therapy 1997