Teachers and young musicians share their thoughts on making music with Skoog’s accessible music technology.

We have been talking Skoog with users around the world and here are some of their thoughts on making music with Skoog across a variety of settings, at home, in the classroom and in inclusive music workshops
banners2-001“A music teacher’s answer to Universal Design. Once charged, its battery life is incredible. The play along feature is fun and makes anyone’s playing sound great.” (Teacher Review),  “It’s great when singing songs with a class and getting the kids with only minimal movement to jam along with us on the Skoog” (Billy and Andy’s music school).

The beauty of using Skoog on iOS is the ability to use other music Apps.


“Its fun design and squeezy nature make it a great instrument for kids to get stuck into straight away. Linking it up with GarageBand is really useful as that has a plethora of instruments to choose from” (Billy and Andy’s music school, you can learn more about Billy and Andy’s work with Skoog on our blog).

“There are times we all want to play along to some great music, but we’re not all talented enough, or able to join in. With the Skoog, it’s simply a case of downloading the Skoog app, a companion app like GarageBand, and then pairing the Skoog with the iPad. Then anyone can press the very soft buttons to make music as they go.” (Parent Review)


“For some students, who as Joanna Grace (sensory storyteller) would say, are more “sensory beings…” the squidgy, tactile qualities of Skoog make it more interesting to hold and explore” (Teacher Review)

“FUN, FUNKY, FABULOUS, AWESOME, AMAZING” – Young musicians with disabilities talk about using Skoog.

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