Teaching resources for special needs educators – orchestra sounds.

In our travels with Skoog we talk to educators from around the world across many different disciplines.  Within the field of SEN or Special Ed one question that is often asked in relation to sensory work is:

“Can I have different instruments on different sides?”

Different sounds on different sides?
Different sounds on different sides?

The answer is, “Yes you can, when using  the sampling feature you can load different samples onto different sides”


This can be used to support more experiential work listening to different instruments and learning to discriminate between the types of sound and ‘how’ they are different.  In more advanced performance applications it may be triggering or manipulating samples of different instruments to contribute to a particular composition or performance.

Playing Skoog
Playing Skoog

In one of the recent Webinars on using the Skoogmusic sampler I demonstrated how to record different dynamic Skoog instruments and use them in the sampler to support this type of activity. We also discussed how using samples of the instruments in this way could facilitate access to these sounds by those with more limited movement.  For example a student may be able to trigger a dynamic instrument but not sustain the note through continued pressure. So, if you could record an instrument for a certain number of beats at a certain tempo to fit with a performance, then the student could trigger the sound and it would play for the desired duration..


Samples on Skoog
Click the image above to view the sampling tutorial Video


Ah, the Skoog software platform does support a range of different activities and applications, but….

It occurred to me that we could provide a sample pack to make it quicker and easier to do this using the Skoog’s dynamic instruments.  So I asked Maggie if she could create a sample pack with the Skoog’s modelled instruments recorded at different durations, with the recordings pitched at C4 so you could easily use note files, pentatonic presets etc without the need for adjusting tuning /transposition.

And here it is, the Skoog instruments samples pack:


Thank you Maggie!

The samples can be used in any program and are not limited to use with Skoog. You could even use them with Boardmaker or Power point, with switches or in a more traditional sampler or music program like Garage Band.

Maggie has included a PDF guide in the pack which is worth checking out.  So hop to it, download the pack, have fun and let us know what you get up to…

This is just one of the may resources that are free to download from the Skoogmusic website  where we have all kinds of resources available.

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A tactile musical experience
A tactile musical experience