An Introduction to Skoog 2.0

Getting Connected

How to connect your Skoog via Bluetooth.

Adjusting Sensitivity

Adjusting the sensitivity settings  on your skoog.

Choosing Instruments

Choosing different instrument sounds in the Skoog app

Choosing notes

Assigning scales and notes on your Skoog

Connect to Apps

Use your Skoog with other apps.

Play with Music

Play along with iTunes and Spotify

Getting Started With Skoog

Skoog instrument samples

Guide for the Skoog instrument samples pack. Using Sampled instrument sounds (Brass strings etc..) with GarageBand or Skratch and Skoog. Go to the downloads section to get the sound files/samples pack.

Skoog Loops Pack

Guide for the Skoog loop pack (see downloads). A handy set of samples / loops  for making backing tracks and improvising with in GarageBand, Skratch or Live Loops.

Skoog and GarageBand

Connect to GarageBand

How to connect your Skoog to GarageBand. You can use all the instrument sounds in GarageBand.

Drums in GarageBand

Playing drums and percussion sounds on Skoog using the GarageBand sound library.

Skoog and Live Loops

How to use Skoog with LiveLoops in GarageBand.

Swift Playgrounds

Skoog and Swift Playgrounds

An introduction to Skoog and Swift Playgrounds.

Skoog, Swift and Dash by Wonder Workshop

How to connect and drive Dash by Wonder Workshop using Skoog and Swift Playgrounds.

Skoog, Swift and Sphero

How to connect to Sphero using Skoog and Swift Playgrounds. Use Swift code to drive Sphero with Skoog and control the LEDs.

Extra Help