How To Connect Skoog to Other Apps Using MIDI

Once you have connected your Skoog, you can use it with instruments in GarageBand and other MIDI compatible Apps.

Connecting to Other Apps Using MIDI

To use Skoog with GarageBand and other MIDI compatible Apps, you need to switch on MIDI from the MIDI menu.

To use with GarageBand, once you have switched MIDI on in the Skoogmusic App, go into the GarageBand App to use its range of instruments. Be sure to turn on the option for GarageBand of “Runs in Background”.

Skoog uses the iOS multitasking feature so you can change the Skoog settings / notes while in GarageBand by swiping right on your iPad to bring up the Skoog MIDI menu.

Skoog can also be used as a controller for other MIDI apps – such as Seaboard 5D (used to be called Noise) by Roli – by turning on MIDI in the MIDI menu in the Skoogmusic app. Make sure the MIDI settings are configured correctly in the other App you’re using and that Skoog is selected as the MIDI input.

Seaboard 5D (used to be noise) by ROLI is a fantastic free synth app that gives you access to  25 expressive instrument sounds that you can play with Skoog. What is really great about the sounds in Noise is they are designed to work with ROLI’s own  tactile keyboards and this means they are really responsive to after touch (squeezing on the Skoog). In addition to this they are exceptionally high quality sounds! To use with Skoog we suggest opening the Seaboard app first, then the Skoog app. Then connect Skoog via Bluetooth in the Skoog app, select MIDI on (turn Skoog sound Off) go to Noise and access the settings menu  via the small menu icon in the top right hand of the screen (see video). Then Select ‘Skoog’ in the bluetooth options and start making some serious noise!