Autumn Leaves

In this autumn themed lesson we are going to create a piece of music together as a class, inspired by the falling autumn leaves.

Download the PDF autumn leaves to get started.

Chinese New Year

In this lesson we are going to compose a melody on the Skoog, and use it for relaxation purposes, with some cool Tai Chi moves at the end.

Download pdf chinesenewyear to get started!

Classroom's Got Talent

Classroom’s Got Talent will let students familiarise themselves with Skoog and its various functions; learn about the different sounds that musical instruments make; and create music and perform in groups.

Download pdf classroomsgottalent to get started!

Dice Music System

Dice 1 – Solo Performance

Challenge yourself by letting the dice decide how will set up your Skoog.

Download pdf dms1 to get started!

Dice 2 – Skoog and MP3 Play-a-long

Challenge yourself by letting the dice decide which well known pop tune you will perform on your Skoog.

Download pdf dms2 to get started!

Dice 3 – Ideas for Band Play

Here are 6 different ideas for what to play with your Skoog as a band.

Download pdf dms3 to get started!


A halloween themed Skoog lesson plan.

Download pdf halloween to get started!

Happy New Year

A lesson based around local traditions and festivities that celebrate New Year.

Download pdf happynewyear to get started!

Morse code

This lesson can be done as part of a topic around World War II, during which the pupils will write a short piece of music each using the rhythm of the morse code of a message/word chosen by themselves.

Download pdf morsecode to get started!

My Bonnie

This lesson plan uses Skoog as a percussion instrument to play along with music, and helps you create sound effects with Skoog to express feelings and ideas.

Download pdf mybonnie to get started!


This lesson plan is based on the resource originally featured in the FILMCLUB Guide to Key Stage 2 Music. FILMCLUB has a host of film-related educational resources on their website, to find out more, visit their website:

Download pdf pinocchio to get started!

Playtime for the Penguins

This lesson plan lets you create and use samples and sounds to express feelings and ideas; improvise with rhythm and pitch to create simple musical patterns; and recognise that different instruments have different sounds or tone colours.

Download pdf playtimeforthepenguins to get started!

Simple Melodies

This lesson uses Skoog to help the students learn and familiarise themselves with traditional musical notation.

Download pdf simplemelodies to get started!

Skoog in Maths

This lesson plan uses Skoog as a buzzer for a class quiz to show you how Skoog can be used as a teaching tool outside of music.

Download pdf skooginmathslessons to get started!

Skoog - An Introductory Course

This is an introductory course for pupils who have no or little prior experience of using Skoog!

Download pdf introductory course to get started!

Skoog - Beginner Course

This is a short progressive guide to playing the Skoog as a musical instrument.

Download pdf skoogbeginnercourse to get started!

Spring Garden

This lesson takes inspiration from nature to help the students create sounds effects to convey ideas, using Skoog as a sampler.

Download pdf springgarden to get started!

St Patrick's Day

In this lesson you will create a piece of music in the style of Irish folk music.

Download pdf stpatricksday to get started!

The Sea

In this lesson you will use Skoog to create effects use different sounds to express different feelings and settings.

Download pdf thesea to get started!

Valentine's Day

Use the theme of Valentine’s Day to get your class interacting with Skoog and the pentatonic scale.

Download pdf valentinesday to get started!


This winter themed lesson plan brings the more classical side of music to Skoog, and ensures your students get a chance to improvise and work in groups.

Download pdf winter to get started!