Other Apps to Use With Skoog

Skoog is compatible with other apps that support virtual MIDI. Meaning you can use Skoog as a controller for all kinds of music apps, and that means loads more sounds!  There are lots of discussion groups and websites dedicated to music making on iOS and these are worth keeping an eye on for ideas, new suggestions, app reviews and more (a few suggestions a the bottom of this page). There are 3 key apps that we suggest you use with Skoog to expand your range of instrument sounds and music making functionality. GarageBand, Seaboard 5D (ROLI) and Modular by Pulse code.  But there are hundreds of MIDI compatible apps for iOS so why not explore! And let us know what you find (contact us).

Skoog and GarageBand

GarageBand is the go-to-app for music creation on iOS. If you don’t already have it you should get it now! At just £3.99 it turns your iPad into a full music studio and gives you access to over 100+ instruments, effects, recording, sampling and more.  The Smart instruments and live loops give you awesome options for backing tracks and the friendly multi tracking will help you create your Skoog masterpieces in no time. Here is a quick video tutorial/introduction to using Skoog and GarageBand.  Once the Skoog is connected via the Skoog app, enable Midi and bingo, you are good to go.

The Skoog app is also compatible with iOS multitasking.

Seaboard 5D (used to be NOISE) by ROLI

Seaboard 5D (used to be noise) by ROLI is a fantastic free synth app that gives you access to  25 expressive instrument sounds that you can play with Skoog. What is really great about the sounds in Noise is they are designed to work with ROLI’s own  tactile keyboards and this means they are really responsive to after touch (squeezing on the Skoog). In addition to this they are exceptionally high quality sounds! To use with Skoog we suggest opening the Seaboard app first, then the Skoog app. Then connect Skoog via Bluetooth in the Skoog app, select MIDI on (turn Skoog sound Off) go to Noise and access the settings menu  via the small menu icon in the top right hand of the screen (see video). Then Select ‘Skoog’ in the bluetooth options and start making some serious noise! Download it now.

Modular - analogue synth app

Modular is an awesome free synth app. That means you can use it to expand the range of sounds you can play with your Skoog. If you want to get techie knock yourself out, but the app also comes with a full bank of presets where someone else has done all the hard work and all you have to do is turn midi on in the Skoog app (remember to turn the Skoog audio off). Now navigate to modular and at the top of the screen in the centre you will see the name of sound selected. Simply tap the text and the scrollable menu will open, tap the name to select and then press the tick button on the top right  of the menu. Now switch back to the Skoog app to play your synth! with 0ver 90+ options let the face melting begin!

Advanced GarageBand

If you want to get more creative with GarageBand and Skoog check out this video There are some really great features in GarageBand that will help you take your Skooging to a whole new level. Record your performance, jam along with the Smart instruments or use the sampler to create your own unique instrument sounds.  With Live loops you can easily create loops of your Skooging for your own Skoog set or to use  alongside the Live Loop scenes included with GarageBand for free.

The video also has some additional help with general set up with GarageBand, multitasking and more.