An accessible instrument kids love to play!

We caught up with Doug Bott from OpenUp Music to chat about how they use Skoog in their orchestras – over to you Doug!
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The Skoog is the instrument of choice for a number of children and young people playing in Open School Orchestras – a growing national movement supporting Music Hubs and SEN Schools to create inclusive ensembles across England.

SEN/Disabled children play a wide variety of acoustic and electronic instruments in OpenSchool Orchestras as they re-work and re-imagine musical repertoire to suit their needs and interests. The Skoog’s bright colours and soft, squishy tactile surface really appeal to young people with learning difficulties who enjoy its expressive capabilities.

Here’s what a couple of people from our orchestras say about using Skoog:

“B has found an accessible instrument he loves to play – The Skoog! He has changed from a 30 second concentration span to up to 30 minutes! He’s learnt to make long, resonant notes in our most recent piece – Pachelbel’s Canon.” Steve Newton – Claremont School, Bristol


“N loves the Skoog! It’s ideal for her, both visually and for her hand movements. It’s very instant… It’s soft… She tends to push rather than pull, but one day she even pulled it towards her… So that was like ‘I want to.” Liz Batt – Briarwood School, Bristol

Created to give all children the ability to create have fun & create music, Skoog has strong roots with the education sector & the research surrounding it. Find out more about how Skoog works with education here!


To get your very own Skoog 2.0, head to the Apple store.