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Make lessons amazing with Skoogmusic. Teachers around the world love to bring learning to life in the classroom with Skoog and our amazing apps. Create engaging, curriculum-led, lessons for children of all ages.

Link up to apps like Garageband, or use Swift Playground alongside a Skoog for the most engaging coding lessons.


Skoog is changing the way children learn all over the world. The colorful, tactile cube makes exploring music fun for young people of all ages.

Skoog puts enjoyment into music making and allows children to play with sound, music, and color in the most exciting and engaging way.


The bright, vibrant colors and its ease of use make it perfect for very young children to explore and create music. The range of apps that support Skoog allow older students to create more complex compositions. The app has built-in support on iPad and connects to apps like GarageBand so you can use Skoog in all your music making activities.

Where to Buy

For schools looking to purchase Skoog via purchase order or to answer any questions you have, get in touch with our friendly education team today.

Where to Buy

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Skooghero is a free professional learning programme designed to support and celebrate educators using Skoog for teaching and learning. As a Skooghero you will be recognized and rewarded for the great work you do every day.

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