Jamming with Skoog!

This month’s guest blog is all about jamming with Skoog – take it away Matthew!

‘Hi there! I’m Matthew Dear, I’m fully trained in Sounds of Intent and I am currently a music practitioner working with a non-governmental organisation in China, where I use the Skoog with my students!

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 16.13.24

Pictured here is GG, a student in an autism support centre here in China. GG can speak a few words but is otherwise non-verbal. He loves rhythm and particularly enjoys playing the Djembe alongside Queens’ ‘We will rock you’!

Initially we set the Skoog up to play the main melody notes of ‘We will, we will rock you’ with the song playing from the iTunes library on the Skoog. He has slowly been learning to follow the colours on the Skoog along with the song.

In one session, this led into a free time of him improvising on the Skoog, with me accompanying on the piano. There was a noted change in his body language as he became more animated and also started to make more vocal sounds. This was a wonderful experience to see him freely interact in this way.

It showed how the Skoog can open up a new dimension of music making and self expression.

Using GarageBand we are exploring what sounds he likes and are developing this improvisation. We can’t wait to continue to learn and explore using Skoog!’


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