What would you do if you had a Skoog?

We recently asked people what they would do with a Skoog if they managed to get their hands on one – here are a few examples of what they had to say!

‘If I had a Skoog I’d allow kids who want to make music in my classroom during recess to explore music-making with Skoog and my classroom iPad. Some kids just need a safe and accepting place (that also happens to be full of awesome instruments).’ – Bridge Blair Duffin

‘If I had a Skoog, I’d use it to open up the endless possibilities that it provides for integrated musical experiences! We would use it to improve access for students to join in with their friends with music, since music connects us all!’ – Erica Rogan

‘If I had a Skoog I’d use it to promote personal expression and communication through structured play as well as free exploration’ – Gloria Capetill

Some people even made poems…

‘If I had a Skoog I would have fun with my clan,
we would try making any kind of music we can!
Hip hop or classic – use the iPad and not row,
would just love to win this – we want to start now!!’
– Sal Anney

Some simply tugged on our heart strings…

‘If I had a Skoog I’d give it to my friend for her amazing wee girl who has complex needs. Music is her absolute favourite thing and as she has no language, it would give her a valuable and most enjoyable way to communicate as well as make music and have fun with her family.’ – Sarah Wilson

And some just wanted to rock!

‘If I had a Skoog I would use it with my music class to enable them to rock a guitar solo, create a crescendo of orchestral strings or play jazz trumpet.’ – Peter Upchurch

‘If I had a Skoog I’d help my son make beautiful music’ – Michelle O’Sullivan

‘If I had a Skoog our house would be a constant party’ – Kim Adamson

If you’re interested and want to find out more, book yourself into a completely free Skoog field trip at your local Apple store and be introduced to how to make music with iOS & Skoog!

Register yourself, your family or even your entire class! To sign up just follow this link and select the store nearest to you!

So what would you do if you got your hands on a Skoog 2.0?
Why not start the new school year off with some new tech? Or if you already have some Skoogs, why not make a skoog band?