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An introduction on how to use the Skoog. From getting connected to using Skoog with GarageBand.


Connecting your iPhone to Skwitch is easy when you follow these simple steps.


Most frequent questions and answers

You can purchase Skoog 2.0, which includes the iOS App and Skoogmusic software for Mac, from Apple.com or from our Education Partners, as well as in selected Apple retail stores across Europe (PDF). Skoog 2.0 costs £179.95 / $199.95 (USD).

You can purchase Skwitch from Apple and Amazon by following the link here:


Yes, the universal design of Skoog and Skwitch in combination with its adaptable software platforms make it perfect for those who face challenges learning more traditional instruments.

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Technical detail, compatible devices and information for Skoog 1 and 2.

Skoog 1.0 Education Resources

Explore our range of educational resources for Skoog 1.0. Many of these are transferable to Skoog 2.0 as well!


We hope you enjoy using your Skoog – we always love to hear where Skoogs have found a home so be sure to share your stories with us using #skoogmusic, or why not check out the blog for stories, articles and more.